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Window Signage

Window Signage and Frosting are very popular and effective forms of personalized promotions. They can be installed from inside or outside of the window and custom-made to any size required by the client. The design concept and possibilities for this product is as limitless as one’s imagination – so if you can imagine it, we can design it.

Window Signage Graphics can be done in:

Vinyl Cut Out Lettering
Digital Print Applied from the Outside of the window – Short term promo                                                 
Digital print Applied from Inside the Glass – Long Term
A Combination of both
Can be frosted – either plain frosting, cut out frosting or even printed frosting.
One Way Vision – applied externally. Allows a person inside to still be able to see outside but not vice versa.

Advertising on front windows
Short Term Promotional Work and Sales
Covering Windows for safety so people can’t see money tills and equipment.
Can be used as a sunlight blocker.


Shop front windows are a great way to advertise to walking as well as driving traffic.
It can attract attention to your store and cut through the clutter.
It can brighten up your image.
Short term vinyl is quite reasonably priced.
Quick Turnaround & Easy to install
Short Term graphics can be removed easily
One Way Vision allows you to cover your whole window for advertising while not losing sunlight. Great for second storey windows.

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