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Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage is a great tool for branding and marketing which works 24 hours a day.

Vibrant full colour digital graphics transforms cars, trucks or entire fleets into advertisement billboards which work whilst the vehicle is on the road or parked. With the invention of One Way Vision we are able to cover car windows and back windows without obscuring the driver’s vision and safety.

Car Magnets are temporary products which can be installed and removed whenever the client requires them. This is excellent for those who have rotating needs or promotional timeframes.

Recent statistics from 3M claim that on average a busy vehicle can be seen by more than 3000 people every hour.

Turn your vehicle into roaming mobile advertisements

Customise your artwork and graphics to suit any sized vehicle.

Be advertised as you drive.

Reflective graphics and lettering give vibrant visibility day and night.

Cover your vehicle selectively

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