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A lightbox is a long-lasting signage tool that is great for advertisement and marketing. Housed in a metallic-silver aluminum frame, it stands out boldly as an attractive feature for your business. The lighting has a soft yet effective ambience which lights evenly across the lightbox's Perspex panel which has your desired design on it.

Types Of Lightboxes
There are generally 5 standard types of ligtboxes that can be manufactured to a client's unique needs:
Single-Sided Lightbox: this is traditionally installed on building or shopfronts and has a single-face facing in one direction.
Underawning Lightbox: this is a double sided lightbox with two faces for multi-directional viewing.
Flexface Lightbox – this lighbox is usually used for larger signs to avoid joins. Flex face refers to heavy duty backlit PVC banner material which is double printed allowing excellent graphic reproduction without joins.
MDF Lightbox – is a popular product that has been used by small and large clients alike. A custom panel is mounted on a dressed and painted timber-frame box with light only coming out from the letters (the raised letters can be either 10mm or 20mm Opal)
Slimline Lightbox – is an exceptionally great tool for point-of-sale (POS) or indoor advertising. Comes stock in 70-80mm and the panel is magnetic thus making it easily interchangeable. Perfect for those specials or discount promotions.

Great visibility day and night.
It’s a selling tool even when your business is closed.
Stands out from the build façade and makes people look.

Great for advertising as well as branding.
It attracts attention by lighting up the immediate area.

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