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Green Policy

We Have The World At Heart

In everything we do here at Sydney Printing & Signage, we try our utmost to ensure that our actions do not cause harm to the planet. We do our best to ensure that our policies, processes, and practices reflect our commitment to the environment. However, we would be lying if we were to say we are 100% eco-compliant because whilst we can eco-enforce most of our products, we occasionally have to rely on contactors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other products that may not have the same commitment levels as we do. This is why we say that we doing our part for our beautiful country and planet by leaving a thumbprint rather than a footprint. The day we can say we're 100% eco-compliant; Sydney Printing & Signage will be proudly leaving large green footprints everywhere.

Despite this, we take our eco-policies very seriously and have made necessary commitments to ensure that the every facet of the company operations follow it.

Water is an incredibly precious resource and we understand that there are millions of people including children in the world who do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. As part of our overall strategy to minimize usage of plastic bottles and wastage of water, we have provided our personnel and our visiting clients with filtered water from our partner organisation Filtered Water Solutions:

Our working areas and office spaces have skylights and naturally lit areas that negate the need to have lights turned on constantly. We do use lights; we ensure that the bulbs or lamps are energy-savers.

We do not print unless absolutely necessary. This minimizes wastage of paper, assists in the fight to protect and rehabilitate our forests, and also saves us money in the long run. We keep most of our work digitally backed up by our servers.

We actively recycle and reuse, and we actively purchase eco-friendly products where-ever it is possible.

We try to minimize wastage in terms of buying, and therefore buy in bulk.

We switch off all lights and machines that are not in use

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