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A Banner is a great cost-effective and affordable form of advertising because it is a distinctive and versatile promotional marketing tool. This is a flagship product of ours due its popularity and multitude of uses. A Banner is usually the foremost contact your business will have with a potential client so it is always important to ensure that it stands out. Our banners are made of durable weather proof material called Vinyl and can be used indoors or outdoors. We digitally print all our banners to the specification of our clients and these can be printed double sided or single sided depending on individual needs.

What Separates Our Banners From the Rest?

While we specialize in every single one of our products, we are especially fond of our design expertise with banners. All our banners are printed in Grade A (720dpi) as opposed to Grade B (36pdpi) and are UV and water resistant on 440gsm to 510gsm thick Vinyl.  

Types of Banners
Promotional/Advertising Banners - Promote a product or special
Building Signs - Large building signs can be done with banners to avoid joins
Directional Aid - Small Banners for directing traffic
Event Promotion - Promote Events and also for fencing around events.
Building Sites - Company Branding
Trailers - Product advertising and branding. Can be moved.
Underawning Banners - Promotion banners Hanging from awning to promote specials.

Can be reused
Very effective
Cost effective for short term promos

Finish Available
Folded Edges and Eyelets
Rope and Eyelets
Kedar Edging for Sail Track Install

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